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The Official F650R & F650RR thread

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  • The Official F650R & F650RR thread

    I didn't want to clutter the other F650 build thread, so I'm starting another one.
    I don't know how many other people have a F650R but I figure this might be a good thread
    for people who have these bikes to share info.

    I'm probably going to crosspost this on if that's cool with everyone, because
    I'm sure there are some people over there who don't come on who might
    have info etc. on these bikes

    I have a little over a hundred pictures I've managed to find of the F650R & F650RR. If any of you have
    any others with any info please feel free to share.

    So on to the PICS....

    F650 Touratech Rallye brochure


    These next ones are screen caps from the Race To Dakar TV Show, these bikes were a little
    different than the standard Touratech Rallye bikes. They were prepared by Gareth Edmunds ( And had few one off bits that were not available to the public. The Race to Dakar bike didn't use the standard rear fuel tanks as the year they raced the regulations were changed to decrease distance
    between fuel stops. This was a change for 2006 and came about because of Fabrizio Meoni's death in 2005 which was in part blamed on the 50kg of fuel the bikes were carrying making them hard to control.

    In the screen caps from the TV show the practice bike seems like a more standard setup with full tanks and then the 3 race bike seem to be at a different stage of development.

    These pics show the unique custom radiators on the Race to Dakar bikes. Two separate units with more cooling capacity than stock.

    They used a Ohlins rear shock instead of the standard WP unit from the kit.

    Cockpit setup, They appear to be running custom triple clamps and those look a lot like the 48mm rather than
    the 43mm WP forks that came with the Touratech kit. Also note the Scotts steering dampener

    On the left side of the Handle bar you can see the Rallye controls for the IMO and NAV stuff.
    All the standard BMW switch gear on the kit bikes is gone.

    Instead of the standard BMW taillight they run multiple Touratech LED taillights. Each one of these
    is about a 100 bucks a pop

    Fake exhaust silencer for storage

    Side profile. Note the front fender is not the standard Elkamet unit but a Acerbis unit

    Custom CNC clutch side cover, This unit is so you can open the side cover and make a clutch change without removing the
    whole cover. Cost is close to a thousand bucks from a company in the UK. This was done because at the time the
    X-challenge was not available. The X-challenge has the feature stock.

    Race to Dakar cockpit. Complete with Iritrak, Sentinel warning system, Roadbook, GPS repeater, IMO unit, switches for
    the Sonic onboard camera system etc, etc...

    Rear Tank.

    These next ones are random ones of the RACE TO DAKAR bikes

    F650RR Schalber (Works bike)

    These are all pictures I've got of the original F650RR these were the Factory BMW effort. These were by far a totally different beast than the standard F650R Touratech, and it shows. Shows what can be done with bottomless pockets.

    In the BMW museum.


    Different twin exhaust and tank setup compared to the kit bike

    Here's some Andrea Mayer porn

    3 time Dakar winner Richard Sainct

    F650RR carbon airbox, custom everything....nothing stock.

    F650RR chain ramped chain adjusters

    Custom frame, shock.......everything

    Carbon/Kevlar skidplate with regulation water reservoir

    Random Dakar porn

    Note the custom drysump tank

    Taillight looks stock


    F650R Touratech privateer race bikes

    Simon Pavey & Nick Plumb Race bikes(pre Race to Dakar)

    Touratech VS Factory bike

    Random ones of David Park of fame

    Random F650R Touratech Race bikes

    Private F650R street legal bikes

    Touratech USA F650R demo bike

    And here's the same bike now in my possession stuck in my garage

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    Re: The Official F650R & F650RR thread

    Nice thread, thx for sharing the pix!
    1997 F650 Classic - CG #2206, since Jan '07


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      Re: The Official F650R & F650RR thread

      Very nice photos Thanks


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        Re: The Official F650R & F650RR thread

        Well...speaking as someone that has not purchased one of these incredible machines...They are wasted on their owners ...give them all to me.

        Thanks for posting them Jakub!


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          Re: The Official F650R & F650RR thread

          Thanks for taking the time to post all of this up. Nice work!
          N.G.A.P - '01 F650GS - CG#2727 - See ya in the Chattahoochee Natl Forest